In DML our work in the administrative area includes a large conglomerate of administrative procedures and resources, and we have extensive experience in legal proceedings against the different institutions of the Public Administration and the Spanish Tax Agency. In DML we believe that legislation should apply to all equally, to citizens and public institutions, so we fight unfair situations that harm the interests of our clients due to abuse of power exercised by the Public Administration on occasion.

Urban Development

In the urban framework, DML offers its clients the necessary advice to carry out new constructions, legalize existing ones or assess real estate. The experience of more than 35 years in the Costa de Sol is our background when it comes to affirming the more than extensive knowledge of the local and regional regulations in terms of land management.

      • Urban Legalization Procedure
      • Urban sanctioning procedure
      • Expropriations and Justiprecio
      • Real Estate Appraisals
      • New construction
        • Patrimonial Claims to Public Administrations.
        • Contentious Administrative Procedure.
        • Obtaining Licenses:
          • First Occupation
          • Works
          • Opening and Activity of Shops