In our team of lawyers we are experts in tax matters and taxes, that is, in addition to being lawyers we have all the services referred to tax advice and our work is mainly focused on it. Since the creation of all types of companies, their financial and tax management, dissolution, declaration in bankruptcy …

We have extensive experience in this sector and a thorough knowledge of the fiscal and tax regulatory framework. We carry out a detailed study on each specific case, expose the possible fiscal variants and recommend our client how to proceed depending on their objectives and interests. We are dedicated to both companies and individuals, whether national or international.
  • Fiscal advice
  • Management and liquidation of state and municipal taxes
  • Tax on Individuals
    • Official Accounting
  • Taxes on Legal Entities
    • I.V.A
    • NIF- I.V.A
    • Official Accounting
  • Presentation of Models to the Tax Agency
  • Creditors’ Contest
  • Claim of Undue Revenue to the Public Treasury
  • Presentation of Annual Accounts in Commercial Register