Civil law

At DML we are experts and have great experience assuming the legal direction in the following procedures:

Dº Family and Marriage

We are experts thanks to our long and extensive experience in separation and divorce proceedings, always trying to mediate in the search for a less dramatic solution for the parties, and ensuring the full interest of the minors when they are involved in the process. In general, the procedures in which we have a comfortable experience are:

  • Separations: Contentious or mutually agreed
  • Divorce: Contentious or mutually agreed
  • Child visitation scheme
  • Marriage Recognition in another country of the U.E.
  • Filiation
  • Adoption
  • Paternity claim
  • Appointment of Tutor
  • Declaration of Disability
  • Adoption Parental / mother-daughter measures

Succession Tested or without Testament

We are fully responsible for the process from the death of the originator of the estate to the end of it through a proactive attitude, thus expediting the relevant procedures in all succession, advising our client in their interest and explaining how to proceed in every moment Thus our customers do not have the need to carry this tedious process in such complicated moments. In short we provide services in all types of inheritance with inheritance, the most common procedures being:

    • Heirs Declaration
  • Testament Award
  • Settlement Inheritances
  • Judicial Division of Inheritance
  • Impugnation of Wills
  • Adjudication of assets
  • Creation of Inventory of Assets
  • Obtainment of inheritance documents in cases of inheritance of non-residents

Civil and contractual obligations

We are experts in all types of civil contracts and civil judicial procedures.

  • Resolution or claim in compliance with the sales contract
  • Claims for damages for hidden defects
  • Contract for the execution of work
  • Dº mortgage
  • Dº of Easements
  • Land demarcation
  • Urban leases
  • Division of proindiviso
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Construction defects
  • Litigation over ownership of property
  • Contractual breaches
  • Claim in Debt Payment
  • Damages and moral damages
  • Right to honor and Privacy

Claims of Civil Liability

We have extensive experience in claims proceedings for civil liability both extracontractual and arising from a specific contractual situation.