Due to the privileged situation that we enjoy within the Costa del Sol, many foreigners visit our city every year, acquiring many of them later the residence in our country or buying a property, for example. Due to this, in DML, 80% of our clients come from outside the national territory. Our firm offers you the necessary legal advice for any legal management or business you wish to carry out in Spain, without having to worry or be limited by the lack of knowledge of the Spanish legislation that you may have. From DML we are committed to clarify and explain to our client the details or details you need to understand. Derived from all this, the languages ​​we use to serve our customers are Spanish and English.

  • Obtaining Nationality / Residence / Visas / N.I.E. / T.I.E.
  • Non Resident Income Tax
  • Tax on non-resident entities with permanent establishment
  • Stay or temporary residence of all kinds